About Me and this Site

Hey there.  So, if you haven’t figured it out, I am a not-so-new-but-still-feels-new transplanted American expat living in Paris. After nearly 17 years living in a city that I thought would be my forever home (Washington, DC) and working as a staffer, counsel, and strategist, I made the move here in October 2017 to what life had to bring me in love and politics.  While the move did not (and still does not) make sense to many, since moving here I have come to feel that this was a change I was destined to make long before the possibility even entered into the realm of possibility.  But more on that later….

So, what am I doing here?  Not here in Paris, I mean with this site.  Well, basically this site is an exploration of my thoughts and experiences while here.  It is my hope that Paris – or least life with the Parisian man who was my reason for moving – will be a part of my happily ever after.  But, even if it or he isn’t, there is so much that I am learning from both that I have at times found myself befuddled trying to process it all.  So, I decided to share some of my musings with you – the friends and random internet wanderers who find their way here – in the hopes that you might be able to identify with, take some value from, and perhaps share your own perspective on these thoughts.

As Homer directed, “the journey is the thing,” and this is part of mine….

(I will preemptively apologize for any over-quoting of Homer or ancient bards, but I am re-reading many of these works and there is a reason why their words carry on. )

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